‘Young Voices’ (The Voice of the Unheard) is a youth led  project, set up to promote greater youth engagement and participation of disadvantaged young people in decision making, public life and democracy. We offer support to young people to be more effective change makers, leaders, trustees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, campaigners, and elected representatives

‘Young Voices’ forum, a group of youth leaders and representatives from diverse backgrounds meet every three months to raise awareness on issues such as children and youth rights, share experiences and discuss solutions to local youth issues. Subjects discussed includes, but not limited to antisocial behaviour, bullying, racism, youth offending, education, unemployment, drugs use, opportunities, challenges etc.

The ‘Young Voices’ also doubles up as a Youth Advisory Board for our organisation and the local council also provides insight about what children and young people like and care about, to the wider youth sector and local policy makers wherever necessary.

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