Youth League UK services and activities are developed based on specific client’s needs with a focus to the following thematic areas.

  • 01

    Community Cohesion and Integration.

  • 02

    Youth Leadership and Volunteering.

  • 03

    Health and wellbeing.

  • 04

    Training and employment.


Community Cohesion and Integration

This program seeks to bring together communities from diverse backgrounds in activities that help achieve a more cohesive and integrated society. This program will help link communities; promote social interaction among communities’ from diverse groups. These will help improve communication amongst community members, reduce misunderstanding and prejudices, reduce inequalities amongst communities leading to a better integration of targeted young people,their families to the wider society.


Leadership and volunteering

This program aims to identify, nurture and develop young leaders and empower them to have a voice, and a place in the community.
Through the creation of varied training and volunteering opportunities young leaders will be given positions of responsibility and real opportunities to challenge, lead and inspire their peers.


Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing program aims to increase awareness of incidences of poor physical and mental well-being among young people .Through the provision of information, tools and services, young people will be able to make informed decisions that improve their emotional, sexual, physical , mental health and general wellbeing.


Training and Employment

This programme seeks to reduce youth unemployment by partnering with employers, colleges and training providers to equip young adults with employability and enterprise skills and provide them with work placement opportunities.

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