Youth League UK (formerly African Youth League) is an award winning charitable organisation established in 2002, to cater for the unique needs that faced African youth in the UK. We have since developed to an organisation that responds to the needs of children and young people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups resident in UK and Africa. We focus on working with disadvantaged, socially isolated and disaffected young people.

Main Objectives

  • To advance the education of the persons under 25 years of in particular but not exclusively of African origin and to relieve poverty, sickness, sickness and distress of said persons in particular but not exclusively by the provision of information, workshops and seminars and by carrying out research to better understand the needs of said persons
  • To provide facilities in interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for said persons
  • To promote good practice, efficiency and effectiveness amongst groups and organisations working with mainly but not exclusively young people of African origin in particular but not exclusively through infrastructure support, capacity building and by facilitating mutual support and co-operation amongst voluntary youth organisations, the local authority the youth service and other interested stakeholders.

Our Mission

YOUTH LEAGUE UK is set up to ensure the informal social education of young people by the support and development of vibrant and diverse youth and community service, involving, empowering and meeting the needs of young people promoting their social development and enabling them access to economic and social resources.

Our Vision

To provide a happy, caring stimulating and user friendly environment where young people will interact with and learn from each other, recognise and achieve their fullest potential, and enable them to make a smooth transition to productive adulthood.
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