International Volunteer's wanted

Youth League (UK) Ltd  is looking to recruit volunteers (charity workers) from Africa aged 18 and above to work in United Kingdom. The volunteers will be expected to work alongside London based staff and volunteers and support in African cultural activities/events. The post holder will have to demonstrate skills and/or interest in African music, dance and instruments. This post holder will be required to show understanding of African culture, and apart from English be fluent in Kiswahili and any other language spoken in Africa. They should also have financial ability to sustain themselves during their stay in the UK.

The purpose of this engagement is

  • To give an opportunity to individuals in Africa who have an interest, time and enthusiasm for charity work.
  • To help build the capacity of, Youth League (UK) Ltd and partners, in the long-term objective of an effective and sustainable International program of integrating African Youth into the global community.
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