Youth League



We provide responsive and proactive services that meet young people’s needs, promote their social development, and enable them to access economic, and social opportunities, particularly during their transition to adulthood and working life.




1. Community Cohesion and Integration

This program seeks to bring together communities from diverse backgrounds in activities that help achieve a more cohesive and integrated society. This program will help link communities; promote social interaction among communities’ from diverse groups.
These will help improve communication amongst community members, reduce misunderstanding and prejudices, reduce inequalities amongst communities leading to a better integration of targeted young people,their families to the wider society.


2. Leadership and volunteering

This program aims to identify, nurture and develop young leaders and empower them to have a voice, and a place in the community.
Through the creation of varied training and volunteering opportunities young leaders will be given positions of responsibility and real opportunities to challenge, lead and inspire their peers.


3. Health and wellbeing Promotion

The health and wellbeing program aims to increase awareness of incidences of poor physical and mental well-being among young people .Through the provision of information, tools and services, young people will be able to make informed decisions that improve their emotional, sexual, physical , mental health and general wellbeing.


4. Training and Employment

This programme seeks to reduce youth unemployment by partnering with employers, colleges and training providers to equip young adults with employability and enterprise skills and provide them with work placement opportunities.




The Attik Centre

The ATTIK Centre is our main activity centre, and head office. Which is a purpose built community and youth centre in Dagenham, London. It is a state of the art facility with a dance studio, lounge, kitchen/food preparation area, DJ booth and a performance stage. The centre provides young people from all backgrounds and ethnicities a safe, crime free, fun and friendly environment where they can socialise, their voice heard, enabling them achieve their full potential.
Young people, their families, community groups take part in various community led activities /services as below:

• Music, dance and drama.

• Training and awareness workshops.

• Social and networking events.

• Access information on a range of subjects.

• Prayer meetings and faith forums.

• Community conversation events.

• Foodbank Collection Centre.

• After school homework club and Saturday School.

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The Play Rangers

The Play Rangers Project was developed based on evidence of need for residents in deprived wards in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham in 2015, that included the results of end of project evaluation of Play Rangers Project, feedback from site visits, consultation with local residents, and service providers. The information gathered revealed that most children aged under 11 years were not taking part in the recommended 3 hour per week of physical activity, putting them at risk of poor health and wellbeing. There was lack of free local and convenient play provision suited for children aged 8 to 11 years. Most of these children come from poor households, and could not afford to pay for play and fun activities or the luxury of using vital play materials and resources.


Based on this evidence Youth League was funded by the Big Lottery for 4 years to provide play rangers services targeting children and young people aged 8 to 11 years with a focus to those resident in deprived wards, namely Chadwell health, River, Eastbury and Goresbrook in Barking and Dagenham. The projects provide supervised free and safe play to children and young people of all backgrounds largely at parks, greens and open public .The project is led by a team of outreach play workers, assisted by trained local volunteers in activities such as: football, hide& seek, soft archery, basketball, soft play, netball, cycling, face painting and other play activities.
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Emergency Food Assistance (EFA)

The ATTIK community centre in Dagenham is used as a collection centre of food and basic necessities for destitute and new arrivals in the London borough of Barking and Dagenhamincluding those residents who are disadvantaged by poverty- mainly homeless youths faced with income inequalities and hunger due to poverty and deprivation. Community members and local businesses may donate to our community centre,non-perishable dry food items with clear expiration dates printed on the donated products.

‘Young Voices’ (The Voice of the Unheard)

‘Young Voices’ (The Voice of the Unheard) is a youth led project, set up to promote greater youth engagement and participation of disadvantaged young people in decision making, public life and democracy. We offer support to young people to be more effective change makers, leaders, trustees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, campaigners, and elected representatives.
‘Young Voices’ forum, a group of youth leaders and representatives from diverse backgrounds meets every three months to raise awareness on issues such as children and youth rights, share experiences and discuss solutions to local youth issues.
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Kit- the- Kid is a project that helps to provide children and young people from deprived backgrounds in Africa access to basic sporting kits and materials.
This project also aims to “Kit” talented beneficiaries with the necessary skills, facilities, courses and opportunities that may help them reach full potential in their sporting career. To expand this project We hope to rely on the generosity of individuals, corporate sponsors, and charity funding to help keep kids off the streets; improve their health and wellbeing through sports;-something they enjoy!
Our current sports projects/activities are mainly based in Kenya, a country despite its high level of deprivation amongst the young people has excelled in various sports worldwide, indicating the high hidden sporting potential within African youths.